Flymount Action Camera Mount - Generation 4



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Warum original Flymount?

  • Die neue Version "Generation 4" wiegt nur ca. 143g
  • Resistent gegen Salzwasser, UV-Strahlung und Schläge
  • Einstellbar von 20-50mm für maximale Flexibilität
  • Weiche, Urethan-beschichtete Klemmbacken, die halten und schützen


Why Original Flymount?

• Versatility. A fully interchangeable mounting system, and the ability to attach to pretty much anything, make the Flymount Original one of the most useful camera accessories on the market!

• Premium materials. The metal parts are a combination of 316-marine grade stainless steel and CZ112 naval brass. These parts are CNC engineered here in the UK exclusively for this product. For the body of our mounts, we use Nylon-66 reinforced with 30% glass. This is the same material used by the automotive industry to replace metal parts in cars. Strong, durable and light.
• British manufacturing. It costs more, but manufacturing here in the UK means that we have complete confidence in the end product. Each Flymount Original has been engineered, assembled and packed by people who care about what they're doing, and are paid a good wage to do it.
• Performance. High quality engineering, endless adjustability, compactness, bullet proof construction and low weight - it all adds up to an amazing user experience. • Customer care. We've had a customer-comes-first policy since day 1. If you have any issue at all with one of our mounts, we sort it out for you. No arguments, no issues, just good customer service.

What we have improved:

We spend a lot of time trying to break these mounts, and looking for any area that can be improved. The Generation-3 Flymount Original is an incredible mount, but we still felt that there were a few things we could do to make it even better.
On this new version, we've beefed up the area around the jaw hinge considerably. To the point where it's now virtually unbreakable.
We've swapped one of the metal components for a new nylon part. This has shaved 31g off the overall weight of the product, and also handles grit and sand more effectively than the previous metal part.
And finally, we've strengthened the bond between the urethane jaw liners and the jaws themselves, to ensure a lifetime of hard service without failure.

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